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Consumer reviews are getting more popular these days. A growing number of potential buyers go online and read what buyers say about a certain product. In fact, the Nielsen research “Under the Influence: Consumer Trust in Advertising” suggests that consumer opinions are gaining more weight in credibility than editorials and advertising.

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With this idea in mind, Viewpoints, an online platform for consumer reviews, recently launched Viewpoints Pulse. Since it has traditionally been difficult for brands to collect reviews themselves, subscription to this new service allows owners to collate and manage their product reviews. Viewpoints Pulse also alerts the brand owner of new reviews, allows an administrator to reply to the reviews, and sends insight reports to the owner.

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Viewpoints reports that it has so far collected almost 600,000 reviews of 37,000 products. These products are classified under 450 categories. However, unlike retailer websites, Viewpoints employs an editorial-like process with the submitted reviews. The service vets reviewers through both automated filtering and human moderating.
Viewpoints Pulse offers widgets that can be embedded on the brand’s website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and client mailing list. With Google as a partner, Viewpoints regularly feeds the search engine with its reviews – giving the added benefit of visibility in Google search results.

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