Social messaging poised to challenge social networking status quo

From being the mavericks they once were, social networks have become the institutions that they are now. Social network giants such as Facebook and Twitter have also made their presence felt in the mobile world.

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With the ever-evolving smartphones came a new wave of communication applications. Social messaging is one app that can handle traditional SMS and MMS messages, as well as social networking messages, voice and video posts.

Social media analyst firm Ovum predicts a wider subscriber base for social messaging next year, aside from a barrage of additional services. Ovum expects to see social messaging players pose a legitimate challenge to mobile social networks and over-the-top (OTT) application providers.

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Based on Ovum’s latest Social Messaging 2014 Trends to Watch report, preferred social messaging services like WhatsApp and Viber are changing the users’ messaging experience. The said apps are mobile-first services; thus, “widening the possibilities of the type of social services that can be accessed on mobile.”

Neha Dharia, an analyst and author of the report, said that by 2014, developers of these services will move to create apps away from the social networks. With the clear success of the current stand-alone apps, more are expected to be developed next year.

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Internet advertising expert John Bohan is the founder and general manager of SocialTyze, a social media marketing company that helps brands empower their consumers. Follow this Twitter account.


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