Social media: The new points of sale

Those who are in sales might feel the blood rush of success. The traditional grit of selling gives the profession intensity. These days, however, selling does not require the same fulfilling grunt work. It used to be that direct sales, ads, and commercials do the selling. Now, the trend is using the power of the Internet and social media to channel sales talks.

People are looking to the Internet and social media for information on products. However, for sellers to understand what their target customers want, they need to listen and connect with people. Additionally, they have to exploit social media channels to share to their potential customers at the right moment useful content about their products and related trends. Creating a personal brand and choosing the right content to share are the first steps of setting up a social media campaign.

Influencers are incorporated next. These are personalities or individuals who dictate market trends and make effective brand ambassadors. By connecting with influencers, sellers and marketers can shorten the amount of time it takes to connect with potential buyers. For example, phone manufacturers can follow influencers who are into mobile devices, or visit mobile tech forums to connect with mobile phone owners. By joining conversations at the right moment, sellers can glean consumers’ preferred phone features and recommend phone models that would please markets.

The Internet, social media, and influencer marketing are great tools for enhancing selling techniques and strategies.

John Bohan’s company, Socialtyze, empowers brands through the use of social media. Learn more about social media marketing through this site.


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