Sharing great content on Twitter: An indispensable marketing strategy

Although most marketers today know the importance of creating informative and market- relevant content in social media, not many of them know that linking and tweeting about other peoples’ content are equally important.


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Why is sharing great content important?

Sharing great content is key to inducing follower growth. Great content, however, takes a lot of time and research to create and promote. Content curation is the best stopgap measure, especially if marketers are pressed for time and resources in releasing solid camaigns.

Before marketers can determine which content to share in Twitter, they should identify the online habits and dispositions of their social media communities. Their followers’ favorite blogs, websites, and tastes should be considered in the planning stages of the campaigns.


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Once marketers have mapped out the demographic features of their target markets, they could proceed with content curation using popular content aggregation tools like Fever, Prismatic, and Feedly. These tools allow marketers to search for relevant content and categorize them. Some of these tools are even integrated with other online tools like Evernote, Google Plus, and Instapaper, making curation easier.

Measuring the results of the curation provides insight on content that get the most clicks, retweets, or favorites in Twitter. This is where social management tools like HootSuite and SproutSocial come into play.

With the Internet crawling with great content, marketers can easily leverage their campaigns using existing, catchy ones to buy them time for their own content generation.


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John Bohan is the founder of Socialtyze, a company that empowers brands through the use of social media. More information on the company can be found at this website.


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