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Although most marketers today know the importance of creating informative and market- relevant content in social media, not many of them know that linking and tweeting about other peoples’ content are equally important.


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Why is sharing great content important?

Sharing great content is key to inducing follower growth. Great content, however, takes a lot of time and research to create and promote. Content curation is the best stopgap measure, especially if marketers are pressed for time and resources in releasing solid camaigns.

Before marketers can determine which content to share in Twitter, they should identify the online habits and dispositions of their social media communities. Their followers’ favorite blogs, websites, and tastes should be considered in the planning stages of the campaigns.


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Once marketers have mapped out the demographic features of their target markets, they could proceed with content curation using popular content aggregation tools like Fever, Prismatic, and Feedly. These tools allow marketers to search for relevant content and categorize them. Some of these tools are even integrated with other online tools like Evernote, Google Plus, and Instapaper, making curation easier.

Measuring the results of the curation provides insight on content that get the most clicks, retweets, or favorites in Twitter. This is where social management tools like HootSuite and SproutSocial come into play.

With the Internet crawling with great content, marketers can easily leverage their campaigns using existing, catchy ones to buy them time for their own content generation.


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John Bohan is the founder of Socialtyze, a company that empowers brands through the use of social media. More information on the company can be found at this website.


How can a company’s social media strategy be tailored to drive sales? This article provides the answer.

Vision Critical’s recently published “From Social to Sale,” about how social media activity — particularly Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest — can drive transactions. (For a detailed discussion of this, see my earlier post “How Social Media Moves Consumers from ‘Sharing’ to ‘Purchase’” )

In an effort to drive discussion and real information in this critical area of research, the company has created a sample template to help companies conduct their own research — and to compare and contrast what they discover to Vision Critical’s findings.

Co-author and Vice-President of Social Media Alexandra Samuel says the product category and the demographics of your audience will make the results vary tremendously. “There are really interesting and very specific kinds of stories you can get from your own customers.” She suggests that the questions should be posed about ‘the most recent purchase’ as the respondents “will have a good recollection and they are not trying to generalize across ungeneralizable experiences.”

Samuel says they are seeing differences in how long a user has been on a particular social platform. “One of the things that is really useful when you are interviewing people about a social platform is to know how long they’ve been on it. Because the purchasing patterns of people who have been on Pinterest a short period of time, for example, “are quite different than those who have used it for a long period of time.”

And research can go stale quickly and usage patterns can change quickly. “If your product is skewed young or if it has a high frequency of purchasing, like the recording industry, I would look seriously doing a study every quarter,” she says. “For example, look at the relaunch of MySpace. That is a huge deal for this industry. So the reason you want to have a study in play every quarter is that when something like that comes along you already have a plan to field something and get answers pretty quick about how it is coming on stream.”

John Bohan has carved a name for himself as one of the most trusted social media marketing experts of today. Know him more by visiting this blog site.