The necessity and benefits of Facebook Home

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The launching of Facebook Home was a revolutionary decision for the world’s largest social network. This came as a rather unexpected maneuver, especially since the company has been downplaying rumors about coming up with a Facebook phone, only to come up with a user interface layer which replaces the home screen with a virtually endless stream of photos and status updates posted by the user’s Facebook friends. The seemingly ludicrous idea, coupled with a number of kinks, resulted to a fair number of critics.

But the idea of Facebook Home can only be logical, considering the present situation which renders it necessary and the many benefits which can be reaped from resorting to such an alternative.


The necessity of Facebook Home can be summed up in a single statement, “Place the ads where the users are.” The social networking population is going mobile, and Facebook is well aware of that. In this year’s first quarter, Facebook mobile’s users reached an unprecedented 751 million, marking a significant milestone in the social network’s mobile growth. This trend is expected to continue, with more and more users accessing Facebook from their smartphones. If Facebook hadn’t jumped into the mobile bandwagon, it may have missed out on a lot of financial gains, and while the system is not yet serving advertisements, it soon will, bringing forth the following expected upshots.


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Sometimes, listening to what the mob says pays off—quite literally. In fact, Facebook’s first quarter earnings report shows that mobile revenue has jumped from 23 percent to nearly one-third of the total advertising revenue. For a company with a struggling stock price, a substantial rise in revenue may be of large benefit to bolster market performance.


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