Why content marketing should be a lifestyle

Content marketing companies are a dime a dozen; however, not all of them use marketing strategies that encourage participation among employees and customers. The good ones have product or service evangelists who create good content that empowers the audience through relevant information, while the bad ones have sales people who create content that only serves to glorify and sell the clients’ products or services.



Great content is produced when a company decides to make content marketing a culture. When employees live and breathe to connect with existing and potential customers, they can transform from being just simple salespeople to being brand evangelists, forging connections that last.

TheSocialMediaHat.com lists some areas that company leaders can focus on in order to transform a normal working environment into a content marketing–focused one:

Leadership. Everything starts with leadership. Company leaders should make sure that every employee knows and understands what content marketing strategy the company is using.

Benefits. One way to turn employees into brand evangelists is to explain to them the importance of making personal brands, and that while content marketing is supposed to be fun, it’s main purpose is to connect with people.


Image Source: downgraf.com

Image Source: downgraf.com


Training. Training is very important because being a brand evangelist entails specific skills, like being able to create social media accounts and assets, learning how to blog to a certain audience, discerning relevant yet exciting blogging topics, and knowing how SEO works in content marketing.

Creating a working environment focused on content marketing can be very challenging but extremely rewarding as well.


Image Source: blogs.forrester.com

Image Source: blogs.forrester.com


Socialtyze, which was founded by John Bohan, can show you how content marketing can help you build your brand. Visit its website for more information.


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