Social media and love: How social media changed how dating works

Since the arrival of Web 2.0 a little more than a decade ago, social media has been playing an important role in people’s lives, especially with regard to human dating and courtship.


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An infographic from shows the role social networks play in the development of relationships, from dating to marriage and even divorce. According to the site’s infographic, which used Facebook as a primary example, 60 percent of Facebook users list their relationship status on the platform for others to see: those who are “married”: 31 percent; “engaged”: five percent; “in a relationship”: 24 percent; and claim “It’s complicated”: three percent.


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Before the advent of social media, this is how dating used to work: two people would meet somewhere, talk, and exchange numbers. They would then begin dating, the getting-to-know-each-other part. After a few dates, if they really liked each other, they would become a couple. Everything was private, and the only time other people would know two people were dating would be when the couple makes it public.


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The advent of social media made people easier to find, especially now that most social media and Internet dating sites out there have algorithms that automatically check a person’s compatibility with another person and able to connect people with the same interests, friends, or experiences. However, one of the downsides to using social media in dating and relationships is that social media is public, which means that every relationship mistake posted online can be seen by others, somehow making holding on to relationships harder than it used to be.


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John Bohan is an Internet advertising expert and is the founder and general manager of Socialtyze. Learn more about how social media can change your life by visiting this website.


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