Infographics: Let it tell the story

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The Internet’s broad platform has posed the increasing challenge in competition for users’ attention among its army of dedicated site developers and digital business owners. For one, making the content eye-catching and easy to understand is already daunting to most of them, the experts not ruled out of the equation. For another, competitors are likely to present similar information. The challenge, thus, is to make unique and attractive systems of information delivery. This is where infographics – the visual representations of information — come in.

Here are some reasons that make infographics important:

1. It makes information presentation appealing – Infographics is a union of vital information and creative presentation. The resulting aesthetics render data delivery more effective than relaying them in text blocks.

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2. It adds weight to ideas – Though ideas weigh independently from their graphical representation, they are likely to provoke thinking outside the box this way.

3. It is easier to understand than mere text – Since information is simplified, the probability of misinterpretations may be also reduced.

4. It is memorable – Images are easier than words to register in a user’s memory. Visual presentation is what makes television advertisements effective. The same can be said for infographics.

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5. It eliminates boredom – Complex information prove to be boring and tiresome for some receivers. Presenting complicated data through images can pique their interest.

John Bohan is an Internet advertising expert. He has been in the industry for 12 years and has been distinguished in the Digital Coast’s Top 100 Internet Executives. For related information on what he does, like this Facebook page.


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