Making Pinterest work for your business

According to Forbes, Pinterest has been the third largest social media site since March 2012. A social media site built on the concept of sharing photos, Pinterest allows users to “pin” photos for sharing. Last December 2012, Pinterest has officially welcomed businesses with the introduction of new tools and business terms of service. This move provides an avenue for companies to showcase their content.

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To maximize Pinterest for business goals, here are a few tips:

1. Creating a story. It is quite important to create an impressive portfolio as this creates a lasting impression on customers and audiences. An impressive portfolio equates to an image and a short statement that best describes a company. A verified website is also a must as this allows visitors to see the company’s domain name and website.

2. Creating boards and optimize it. It is important for businesses to create boards that relate to the keywords that companies would like to rank in search engine results. In this way, visitors and customers can get a quick insight on what a business has to offer.



3. Creating boards with the customers in mind. In marketing, the goal is to create content that will entice the target audience and potential customers. Same is true with Pinterest. When pinning images to the boards, companies must bear in mind the photos that will surely generate desired actions from their target audience.

4. Running contests. Contests can increase Pinterest following. Companies that encourage audiences to repin their images can get additional exposure within the Pinterest community.


This Twitter page for John Bohan offers updates on social media marketing.


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