Stripping down communication obstacles: Building relationships through social media

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The reach and effectiveness of social media as a marketing and advertising tool is a fact which has benefited many companies. However, building relationships and trust online is another thing. People tend to be more skeptical about online marketing as such approach is devoid of personal contact.

A study by market research firm Invoke Solutions shows that people generally trust information posted by friends and families compared to those posted by companies, brands, and independent bloggers. Such trend is obviously swayed by the trust and relationship between people close to each other.

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While building trust and relationship through social media is seen by some as a complicated task, it is far from impossible. One of the most important components in overcoming communication obstacles and mistrust is to keep the communication lines transparent and open. This means being open to comments, positive or not, and being responsive at all times. If need be, providing videos are crucial. People are born to look for faces and the logic behind videos because people communicate more with how an idea is conveyed than what is said.

Clarity also cultivates trustworthiness. Audiences need to know exactly what they are going to get if they respond. To put it otherwise, leave no room for doubts where people may begin to anchor their skepticism and cynicism.

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Creating a level of intimacy can bridge communication gap. While it is understood in business that vulnerability should be hidden, online, vulnerability can be tied to intimacy. This allows people to get a glimpse of what the company really is and what it stands for, making it clear that the latter cares.

Whatever channel is used to promote a brand or sell a product, communication governed by trust and relationship is still important. By opening the lines of communication, businesses can break down the walls that separate them from their consumers.

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